Commission Info


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General info

Please read it carefully and if you still have any questions feel free to ask. 🙂

How to commission me:
Via e-mail ( )
What you need to write in your message:

  • The email’s/ note’s title MUST contain that you’re asking for commission!!!
  • Type of your commission (See the types above on the picture)
  • How many character(s) you want
  • Describe your character(s) in a few word ((e.g. personality, appearance, favourite clothes if he/she have, anything which can help for me to make a good piece of art for you. )) and if you want a couple their relationship too!
  • Visual references of your character(s)!!! It’s a MUST!!!
  • Your Paypal address (if you’re paying in points then it doesn’t needed)
If I didn’t get any of these pieces of information I can’t accept your order! (at point payment the paypal address is not needed!)

Commission process:

  • Send me a note about your order (see the informations you need to send me above at the “How to commission me” point). After you got the price, you need to send the money via PayPal , or via the widget Points on my profile.
  • Payment: PRE-PAID ONLY. NO AFTER PAYMENT!!! More info in the “Payment” section.


  • Be patient! I’m not a robot! The process can take between few days to a month, depending on my workload and my spent time in the school, on school works.
  • I’ll keep you updated on the progress and tell you when the picture is started and near done
  • If there is a strict deadline, please inform me
  • If you paying with points Points please use the widget on my profile. If you have a special order, than please wait, until I make a widget for you in the commission section on my profile!
  • If you paying via PayPal please send it to my address only in USD ((my address: ))
  • Please notify me when you’ve sent the payment
  • These commissions are for personal use only and NOT for sale
  • You’re not allowed to resell, reproduce or edit them
  • You can upload the art as long as it’s properly credited
  • I may post it to any of my online galleries (crediting you as the customer and the owner of the character)


  • In certain cases, things may not work out for one of us. I may not have enough time or you’d like to cancel the commission for some reason.
  • Sketches have no refund.
  • Linearts have only 10-20% refund.
  • There is only 15% refund on finished commissions, and you won’t receive the hires/unwatermarked version of the commission.
  • An unfinished commission may get 20-75% refund of their agreed price depending on how much I’ve finished the commission. The commission won’t be finished.
Bullet; Green I draw:
  • Humanoids, any body types, any species, any gender, any pairing, any fandom.
  • Ecchi stuff.
  • Fantasy, clothing.
Bullet; Red I DON’T draw:
  • Rape, underage in ANY sexually explicit situation, non-consensual, yaoi, yuri. ((I never want to draw them.)) 
  • Mecha, sci-fi stuff, animals, buildings, intricate stuff, vehicles. ((I need to practice to draw them.))
  • Any offensive content such as racist, sexist, homophobic, religious, political and etc.