I got sick :(

Sorry guys. It will be a short post, because I got sick and I’m nowhere with my projects. Hopefully I will be able to work on some of them by tomorrow. 🙂 I’m planning to finish an old kiriban, it only needs a little touch and done. And if I will still be able to work than I’m going to move on some old unfinished projects or even onto the new ones.

Sorry for the grammatical fails. I have no glasses on right now and even though I’m watching the monitor really close, I still can’t see it right. XD

Have a nice day, night. Don’t catch a cold! It cause mental sickness… at least I got weak from it mentally too and have negative thoughts all day such as “I’m too miserable for life”. So keep it up everyone! Take care of yourself more than I did. I will be in a better shape by tomorrow. At least that’s the plan. So. Bye-bye. 🙂


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