Hy everyone.

Yes. I’m here again. So soon. I’m just here because I have so-so much to share with you. 🙂 And I only hope that you’re like them. So let’s get started!

I already mentioned Trishna earlier. And she’s on this very illustration.


Well Trishna is came that place to seek revenge. Long story short. She had a fiancée who got killed by a witch, who wanted Trishna to be her slave, but she said no. So the witch killed her love and cursed her too. (Can’t love or even being loved, because she can die from it. ) Now Trishna wants her revenge on the witch but poor little girl no matter that she’s a shape shifter she really weak against magical spells and any kind of love of course!

“But she has a mermaid friend!” Yep she has. She trying to get friends even if she black out because of it. (I’m still keeping this particular story line from World of Esras – hungarian RPG group. )

So back to Trishna. She’s trying to get strength against magic, even trying to get magical abilities besides the shape shifting. She has to! She had several fails trying to kill the witch with  brute force or sneaking around and trying from the back. Always failed.

And I almost forgot why I’m writing this post. Mehhhh…

The reason why I’m writing this post is that I draw a little sketch about Trishna and Arun. Not so happy, but I think it’s still catches an unseen moment from Trish.


I planned a pretty dramatic end for her story, but I wont spoiler it. 😉 And before you think, no, the illustration says nothing. x”D Trish didn’t shows her emotions because of the curse and of course of the loss of her fiancée, but here I captured the moment of pure sadness. I feel so cruel. I’m so sadistic against my characters.

And here comes a little question for you! (Don’t need to comment to it, but I will really appreciate it. 🙂 )

  • What do you think about dramas?
  • If you have OCs: Do you make them suffer, or live them happily?? (Everyone always makes their little babies suffer. x”D )
  • And if you don’t (or you like other’s stories and characters): Do you like the characters who has a more dramatic story/life, or the one who has less, or no drama in their story/life?

Leave answers in the comment or wherever you like. 🙂

Now I’m going to sleep. Here’s late night and I have to sleep! D:

Have a nice day, night! See you next time. 🙂 Bye-bye!


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