Finished logos and an old illustration

Hy everyone!

Finally I’m done with the logo animation, I already send to the teacher for evaluation. Now I’m only waiting for the judgement.I did my best so I hope for the bare minimum. X”D I’m not so good at motion design. Especially not in logo animation. :I Let’s say the truth I’m not a logo designer. Maybe one day I will be, bit right now I’m not that great. Everyone starts somewhere.

But there’s a (I think one year old) illustration I finally finished. :I I made it quick so you will see where I took more work into it totally needlessly and where I just painted it broadly and where I just left it sketchy. Here we go!


Aigail and Arnold from my one and only zombie themed story which has no proper title. X”D

I started it in my digital painting fan period and I used Photoshop back then. For the finishing I switched to Clip Studio Paint and I just used one of the basic watercolour brushes with some changes in the density and amount of paint and the color stretch. I say it’s not perfect, but at least done. :”D And for fellow artists: Every time you work on a piece of art don’t try to make it totally perfect, only done. I know the feeling when you just check your finished works and there’s only a few of them, because you want it perfect. I’m still in this stage but I have to admit that if I have a lot of waiting to be finished and only a few perfect and done work than I won’t get any further.

Daily wisdom, check!

Now, that I have more free time I will get started the redrawing of the Evoco. Yeah you read it right. I’m restarting the Evoco because I want it in a different style and with a new starting. If you don’t know it then here you can check it:

I will delete the current pages and start over again the posting. 🙂 I only need to paint the comic properly in the exact style I want to. 😀

I’m done for now. Have a nice day, night until the next post. 😉


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