WIPs again… -_-“


I’m here with WIPs…. again. :I I know, I know! I promise there will be a finished one too. Hopefully.

So now here’s an update for the illustration from yesterday.

Here I rotated the sword a little bit. I did not liked the previous position.
And than I scaled the shield to make it look like more live like. Little cleaning on the background and the equipment too.

So yeah…. Still need to finish. :I I will have to “sharpen” that blade and give some life to that shield. The background needs a little touch too and I’m planning to put more grass in the foreground.

(( If you’re bored with these updates please let me know. :’) ))

And I just started another sketch. Yes… again. -_-” Inspiration just coming to me with new ideas no matter where I’m with the other works.



An illustration with background! *Q* It’s really rare from me, because I worked more on drawing characters, than backgrounds and anything else and because of it I’m really bad at drawing animals… I will have to practice them too. :I But back to the sketch. I’m trying to paint here a foggy highlands. Trees and rocks wont be to hard, I already drawn them several times, but the fog will be the real challenge! I will search for some tutorials to make sure it will be more life like. πŸ™‚ I never painted and I don’t really know how to catch it correctly.

Challenge accepted!!! *^*

And about the character from the illustration… she’s Trishna, one of my OCs. She’s got a new look since then.

To get a little reminder she looked like this:

trish-new2I think I made a gallery here for her story too. :I I should check it…

No… not yet. Another thing added toΒ my to-do list! Yeyyyyy. :’D

Now I’m going back to the logo animation. Deadline is coming. D:

Good night everyone! πŸ™‚ Have sweet dreams. And for the others who just start the day, don’t give up! You’re all great! πŸ˜€


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