Some equipment and logos

I finally found a perfect minimalist logo for my project and the silhouettes I needed. So now I only need to animate them. :”D

And as I took a little break I started a little illustration. 🙂 I wan’t to share it with you. 😀


Still work in progress. I tried to somehow make a concept art about Agaric’s sword and shield. The first idea for the shield was that it should be a cap of a mushroom, but I think it would be too mushy and won’t be so protective. So it will be made out of wood but still has a shape of a cap of a mushroom. And the sword. Well, since they are pixies and I imagined them so small, therefore we came up with the idea with my boyfriend that animal teeth should be the main material for swords and weapons. Yeah it’s pretty morbid, but I think it’s pretty obvious too. A fox or a wild cat is seems like a big ass dragon to them. Not to mention the bigger animals and humans!

In that case the smaller rodents and birds has the function as a beast of burden in their little world. 🙂 Hmmm… Maybe my next sketch will be a pixie riding a mouse. It will be fun. 😀

Now I’m going back to finish the logos and my other unfinished projects. I have too much. T3T

Have a nice night. 🙂 Bye-bye!


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