Freedom is here! … or not?

Hello everyone!

Finally I’m at the end of my semester. Now I will have more time to do nothing. Sorry… I’m horrible. X’D

I still have a logo animation and a CV to translate and a dissertation draft to write. D: (I’m going to cry so hard. Q-Q )

But now I came here with a new little illustration. 😀 And two new characters!!!!


Say hello to Sir Agaric and Princess (Lady) Pumpkine.

They’re pixies. And it’s still work in progress, but I decided there will be at least two major type of pixies:

  1. which has wings, and magical stronger abilities and the
  2. which has no wings and only weaker magic, but stronger, more agile and more inventive than the winged ones

Obviously the little winged fellows are do everything with magic and reaches their destination by wings and the ones without wings are can only rely on their skills and strength to survive out in the world.

And here comes the funny thing. Princess (or Lady) Pumpkine’s wings are broken. She still can use her magic, but she’s unable to fix her wing. So when she needs to escape she has to use her brain too.

Princess Pumpkine also a protector of the pumpkins and has her own tiny pixie pumpkin and squash garden.

About Sir Agaric. He’s a mushroom knight and as you can see he’s one of the no winged pixies. Aaaand…. my knowledge about his biography is ended here. I will have to discuss it with my boyfriend because Agaric kinda belongs to him. XD At least, it seems to me and I count him as my boyfriends character. (Agaric partially modelled about him and yes, Pumpkine is partially modelled about me. X’D )

Little facts about their names:

  • The e on the end of the pumpkin in Pumpkine’s name is not a mistake. This e has it’s own little place there.
  • Why Pumpkine? It’s a mix of a very obvious pumpkin word and my old nickname, Ikine. This is why there’s a little e on the end.
  • Sir Agaric’s name was given by my boyfriend.
  • The Agaric name came from the latin word agaricus which means fungus (mushroom).

I still don’t know the story for Pumpkine’s princess title, but I think she won’t be a born princess. She will be a commoner too, who has a pumpkin garden. XD

That’s all for now. 🙂 Thanks for your attention. Next time I will bring more illustrations and I’ll upload more new content here. 😀

Bye-bye and good night. ^^ *hugs*


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