Busy days

I have busy days in these few weeks. I can’t really work on other projects because of my film.

Because of this here’s a little sneak peek from the animatic.

EVOCO Chapter 1- animatic/storyboard_WIP from Niswen on Vimeo.

And I was able to open a little print shop at inprint. Not too much, but it’s better than nothing. If I’ll have enough money for other contents for example pin and sticker sets or even charms I will get it on my other shop for you. At least if you want it. :’)

Here’s the link for the Inprint shop: LINK

That’s it for now. I’m going back to the animation. I still have a lot of work with it and I still don’t have the sound effects and the correct dialogues. I’m a piece of garbage in sound design. x’D Working on it!

So bye-bye everyone! See you next time. 😉

Starting up

Hello, Everyone!

New blog! I’m still learning how to use the WordPress’s interface. So right now I will tell you what you will find here. 🙂

  • My portfolio. Because I want to make it my main page. There will be a gallery with different categories to make sure you will find your favourites more easily. 🙂 I want to make it comfortable for you and easy to take care of it for me.
  • My blog. If I will be able to keep up daily but mostly weekly updates about my work and a little bit about my day/week. Don’t worry! The main theme of this blog is still about my artwork.

You will be able to get to my other sites and shop(s). Right now I’m just trying to get a place where I can sell my art. I tried some of them, but they weren’t for me and the storenvy directly only for businesses, so I can choose between stripe (which isn’t available yet in my country ) or the PayPal business account which is so freakin’ expensive to me. (I have literally no income right now and I want to work on it. )

I’m still working on the site, so construction works will be there for a while.

See you tomorrow! 🙂 Bye~